Roop Mantra Lime & Mint Ayurvedic Medicinal Face Wash 115 ml

How to Use:

Take small quantity of face wash in your palm.

Apply it on wet face .

Massage gently over face and neck in circular motion.

Wash your face thoroughly with water

From the knowledge of ancient Vedas, Roop Mantra Skin Care 

Products have been formulated after a deep research on the 

various factors leading to various skin conditions. Regular 

use of Roop Mantra skin care products gives amazing results. 

These products are enriched with the goodness of natural 

ingredients which provide beneficial effects to the skin.

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Roop Mantra Lime & Mint Face Wash is a blend of natural 

extract which gives proper cleansing and removes the 

facial dirt. This product is enriched with the goodness 

of Lemon fruit, Tulsi, Pudina, and Aloe Vera, providing 

proper nourishment to the skin. This face wash helps in 

reducing dryness, roughness, controlling skin cracking 

and also preventing signs of premature ageing, blemishes, 

pimples, eliminating skin dirt, and grime. Roop Mantra Lime 

& Mint Face Wash not only cleanses your face and helpful 

for removing facial dirt but it also provides some additional 

skin care benefits such UV rays protection.

Why is it effective?

Roop Mantra Lime & Mint Face Wash is specially designed for 

all types of skin. Enriched with natural ingredients like 

Lemon , Tulsi leaf, Pudina leaf and Aloe Vera leaf extracts 

helps in removing skin dirt without causing any harm to the 

skin. this lime and mint face wash cleans dirt, grime ,

clogged pores and removes skin dryness and roughness, 

maintaining proper hydration. Removes blackheads, acne 

marks, wrinkles, pimples, blemishes and helps in getting 

glowing and refreshing skin. This product is ideal for 

regular use.


Provides soothing & refreshing effect to the skin.

Removes skin dryness and roughness.

Controls skin cracking.

Removes facial skin dirt.

Prevents blemishes and pimples.

Hydrates skin.

Provides smoother skin.

Fights against acne.

Adds more glow to the skin.

Removes the signs of premature aging.

Useful for all types of skin.

Provides deep cleansing and retains skin glow.

Principal Ingredients:

Lemon Fruit Peel

Lemon fruit peel enhances Varnya (complexion and skin texture).

According to Ayurveda, it is a pushtriprada for the skin 

(nourishes skin). Lemon peel contains the important essential 

oil limonene along with citral, flavonoids etc. Lemon peel helps 

enhance radiance, glow and softness of the skin. Citric acid 

present in Lemon provides proper cleansing, removes dead skin, 

stimulates new skin growth, contributes to enhanced skin’s 

luster and complexion.

Tulsi Leaf

The Holy Basil is also known as “King of Herbs”. With an effective 

anti-ageing properties, Tulsi provides an immense beneficial effect 

on overall skin health. It restores and adds more glow to the skin 

by removing blemishes, acne, pimples and protects skin from the 

effects of oxidative damage. Basil prevents skin infections, 

lightens and tighten skin .

Aloe Vera Leaf

In Ayurveda, Aloe Vera is referred as “Nature’s Silent Healer” 

which provides an immense beneficial effect on the skin. Aloe 

Vera helps in retaining the natural quality of the skin and 

gives complete nourishment, making skin smoother and softer. 

Aloe Vera contains an effective moisturizing effect along with 

other skin beneficial properties like fights against acne, helps 

in clearing blemishes, removes the signs of premature ageing, adds 

more glow to the skin and provides better protection from sunburn 

with an excellent soothing effect.

Pudina Leaf

Numerous beneficial effects of Pudina are found when it comes to 

skin health. Pudina gives an extremely refreshing and soothing 

effect on the skin. Dealing with various skin problems like acne, 

blackheads, blemishes, and signs of premature ageing, skin 

irritation etc., Pudina rejuvenates the skin and maintains proper 

skin hydration, making it lighten and brighten.

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